My Tea Soul

tea & treats

My Tea Soul is comprised of a mother/daughter duo who have set out to provide the best tea and treats with a specialization in Vegan and gluten free options. 

About US 


It started with a tea party and a book store.

The tea parties started at the home of a friend. Once or twice a month a group of 4 - 6 girls would come together for tea, and they would take turns hosting. When it was her turn to host, Keziah would plan and prepare and bake. She would scour tea books and cook books, looking for new ideas. She started to learn how to bake without eggs and butter, as one of her friends was vegan.

During this time, Michele was working part time at Viva! Bookstore. There used to be a Tea Room associated with the bookstore, but when a vegan restaurant moved in, they never had the sign changed. During the 4 years that Michele worked at Viva, at least once a month, sometimes once a week, someone would come in to the store looking for the tea room.

And an idea was hatched . . .

Keziah decided to take her love of tea parties and baking and started making plans to open her own tea room. She made a goal of trying new recipes each week so that she could create a menu. She dreamed of having a small art gallery where she could offer space for local artists to showcase their art and a place for book groups to meet, for friends to connect, for people to sit and relax and just be. She started taking photography classes to learn how to best photograph her baked goods and dishes to be able to share them online. She launched her Facebook page, My Tea Soul, in the fall of 2015. And in the spring of 2016, she and Michele were approached by a former employee of the vegan restaurant that had been a part of the bookstore.

And another idea was hatched . . .

My Tea Soul became a part of Munch On And Beyond, a unique cooperative of 5 businesses under one roof. Not yet the tea room of her dreams, but a step in that direction!